Royal TS

Royal TS 4.2

Connects remotely to other computers by using the Remote Desktop Protocol
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Royal TS is a very useful user interface that allows you to connect remotely to other computers by using the Remote Desktop Protocol. It supports multiple remote desktop connections. The first step to creating a remote desktop connection is to create a document where all the required information to connect to any host will be configured. This document can be encrypted and protected with a password. Within the document you can insert as many remote desktop client connections as you need. All the documents and their contents are listed in the left main window, where you can navigate among them.

Royal TS includes a remote desktop client connection wizard that allows you to configure step by step the host information, credentials, and other parameters. The remote desktop size is auto-expanded to full screen, but you can set this manually as well as other advanced parameters like the RDP port. You can redirect the audio, disk drivers, printers, ports, smart cards, and allow wallpaper, desktop composition, themes and font smoothing from the remote computer. You can also execute some tasks before or after establishing any connection, e.g. ping, open the event viewer, execute some services, and more.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • The information of each connection is carefully arranged and displayed in the main window and you can navigate among the created connections


  • The trial version is limited to 10 connections
  • It's better to avoid using Windows keys while using RDC because it may get stuck
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